Case Study

So far, Heran has successfully exported more than 1500 project to our customers with different types , which are applied for a variety of industries . The following case studies demonstrate our capacities by using methods of injection mold ,rapid prototyping , rapid tooling, injection molding , pressure die casting and CNC machining to help our customers to lauch the market quickly.

Medical Parts

2020-12-30 21:00:23 Case Study

Mold Description:

Mold Size : 300x300x330

Resin: ABS

1x2 Cavity  Mold

CCycle Time:30s

Clamping Force:80T

Move slider by Air cylinder

It is include many dimension. Such as the  concentricity and the

concentric circles dimension.

Notes:Totally 300 dimension and all require to match the 2d drawing. 

The clearance is +/-0.05mm.

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